As the butterflies softly flutter over your flower beds and the calm summer breeze soothes your mind, you may well find yourself with some extra time while hanging in your hammock and an empty podcast playlist in your hand. Well, let us right that wrong. We’ve looked at the statistics of the highest performing Transmissions from Tomorrow, Digital Services podcast episodes of 2019 and we’re ready to share our findings with you, for your listening pleasure.

It’s clear that there’s a lot of anticipation around the possibilities and capabilities of 5G, with concepts like smart cities, Industry 4.0, eMedicine and other innovations that leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) creeping their way up the agenda. However, while everyone wants to capitalize on the technology, they also need to manage the associated operational costs in smart way.

It’s here that our Business Area Digital Services packs a powerful punch. In order to accelerate physical network sharing, telcos and Communications Service Providers (CSPs) will need to employ ‘network slicing’ so that they can customize offerings. Network slicing is when a given physical network is super charged to run multiple, low-latency applications. It opens up a huge variety of use cases, such as connected cars and connected home functions, which have the power to create entirely new revenue sources (Deloitte: Industry Outlook).

It’s therefore not surprising that some of the most sought after topics for Ericsson Digital Services have been in these areas – areas that will power the next generation of technologies that can be monetized. In particular, we see a sharp interest in edge computing/ distributed cloud, network slicing, dynamic orchestration and cloud native.

So what does this tell us?

In essence, CSPs want to know how to become a Digital Service Provider.
The series is co-founded and hosted by industry thought leader and technology futurist, Dez Blanchfield.

Top 5 podcast episodes of 2019

No. 5 Eva Hedfors

Eva Hedfors, Vice President and Head of Marketing and Communications, Business Area Digital Services, looks at the current and predicted market situations and the ever-changing customer needs facing service providers today. Eva asserts that they’re challenged to act now, to start on the path towards transformation while focusing on what matters most: their business. Waiting until next year to get going is one year too late.

This episode looks at service providers and how they can address the realities of digital transformation while meeting their ambition for faster time to market with new digital services that have fewer manual interventions. Learn about our Digital Service Provider blueprint and how it can help you with digital transformation.

No. 4 Jonas Falkenå

Dez Blanchfield gets up close and personal with Jonas Falkenå, Senior Expert, Application Implementation Architectures, Ericsson Digital Services. They discuss all things cloud native in the telco industry, as well as cloud designs, standards, patterns, automation, orchestration, the emergence and impact of 5G and what’s on the horizon in the telco industry.

No. 3 Fernanda Mendez

In at number 3, but giving number 2 a run for its money, is our latest podcast episode with Fernanda Mendez, Head of Management and Orchestration at Ericsson and Head of CENX.

Fernanda takes on the topic of what would happen if a network could heal itself.
I know – visions of the Terminator, or robots fixing their injured electronic suits come to mind. But imagine no more! This vision has become a possibility thanks to Ericsson Dynamic Orchestration, whereby networks monitor themselves, automatically fix problems in real time with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and, if needed, can produce new solutions if other solutions don’t work. Fernanda Mendez also discusses Ericsson’s recent CENX acquisition.

No. 2 Anders Rosengren

The number 2 slot is held by Anders Rosengren, Head of Architecture and Technology at Business Area, Digital Services. Here, Anders shares his thoughts on how to orchestrate your journey to cloud native. In the blog post accompanying the podcast episode, he explains how Ericsson Digital Services works with standardization and open source.

This episode also examines how cloud native is the next step in the virtualization strategy for CSPs and also how Telco Edge Compute is key to realizing 5G use cases.

No. 1: Gareth Price

‘Telco Cloud comes of age’ examines whether telco cloud will deliver the expected benefits. What is the right organization for telco cloud success? And what are the critical factors needed to deliver service agility? These topics and many more are addressed in a new report featured in the episode and the accompanying blog post.

Gareth Price is Practice Head for Europe & Latin America across Core, Cloud & Security Consulting at Ericsson. He discusses current and emerging challenges and opportunities for telcos and operators, 5G, SDI, network slicing, cloud and security.

So that’s your summer listening sorted! Why not check out the full list of 24 episodes from our Transmissions from Tomorrow podcast, which covers topics from edge computing to self-healing networks. You can also find our entire portfolio of Ericsson Digital Services here.

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