How to hang your hammock?

If you’ve bought your brand new hammock and are wondering, “well, how do I hang it properly to be able to fully relax in it?”, then you’re at the right place. We often tell our customers that to reap full benefits and satisfaction of a hammock, you need to work hard for a couple of minutes to set it up correctly. And why not? All good things seem better when you’ve worked for it, right? But don’t fret, hanging a hammock is no rocket science. Just a couple of steps and you’re good to go!

Rule of Sag and Taut

It’s always better to remember a classic rule of thumb whenever hanging a hammock. The most basic way to understand the shape of the hammock is to understand that the shape of the hammock should resemble a smile or a banana when nobody is laying in it. Classic hammocks AKA the South American hammocks should always have a nice sage when suspended. This will always ensure the utmost comfort for you.

The only exception in this rule of thumb is for hammocks that have spreader bars. These hammocks need to be tightly suspended in order for you to reach maximum comfort. But be careful, this taut hang also makes it easier to fall off the hook!

Hanging in Nature

This is the most common image that comes in your head when you think of a hammock. If you want to hang your hammock in nature, that is, between two trees then you need to keep 2 things in mind.


  1. The trees need to be at-least 3 feet apart and you need ropes to attach your hammock to the trees. The further the trees, the higher you need to attach the ropes to allow the hammock to sag properly.
  2. When hanging the hammock between two trees, a good place
    to start is by ascertaining the amount of space you have to start. As we have shown in the diagram below, the suspension height (y) should be roughly half of the suspension distance (x).

Tip: if you feel your hammock is short for the distance you have, it’s not. You just need longer ropes!

Hanging at Home

If you have a great spot already in mind before buying a hammock then make sure you check the size of your hammock. All hammocks come with a unique size requirement and knowing the size available will help you take the most informed decision.

All you need for hanging hammocks indoor is a sturdy wall and weight bearing studs. To attach the hammock, a hook will be attached and then be connected using a rope. You can buy your hooks and ropes from our website. (attach link)

Make sure you choose sturdy walls and joists to do the job so can relax well.

Hanging a Hammock Chair

Now, the variables change. Hammock chairs are convenient to be hung indoors as well as outdoors because you need only one point for suspension. That being said, the rules are pretty much the same for a hammock chair. (Link for hooks etc)

If you’re attaching your chair outdoors on a tree, make sure the tree limb is sturdy enough to take on your weight and does not show any signs of insect infestation.

Again, for indoors, all you need is a strong concrete ceiling and weight bearing joist. You can also opt for a hammock chair stand which comes with our FSC certified wood stands, as well as powder coated metal stands.

As far as you’ve got your basics correct, hanging a hammock is child’s play

Let’s Hang

Escape the everyday in your favorite spot.


Hang your hammock in a sunny indoor nook for the perfect place to catch up on some reading (or snoozing).


Swing from the trees by hanging your hammock from two strong branches, creating the perfect shady napping spot.


For that indoor-outdoor flow, hang your hammock from a patio beam or pergola and feel the wind on your toes.


Only have one tree in your backyard? No problem. Hang your hammock between the tree and the house.


Hang your hammock in a stand of your choice. We may be a little biased, but we’d recommend the Hammock Throne.