Dream Vacations. Now in Your Living Room

    Imagine yourself asleep and gliding in a cosy hammock as a gentle breeze drifts around and a glimpse of sunlight pecks your skin. Now, imagine the same in your living room. Spread out into your indoor hammock and enjoy a peaceful nap anytime.

    A great way to bring outdoor fun within four walls, an indoor hammock also enhances your living room's décor. On a cool afternoon, open up a window and let the pulsating breeze put you to an enchanted snooze. Invigorate yourself with a tranquil nap in your cosy indoor retreat.

    How to hang your hammock in your living room

    To hang an indoor hammock, you need two walls that are about 12 to 15 feet apart. Measure a distance of five feet between the ground and the wall to attach the wall clamp. Your hammock kit will have all the contents needed to hang your hammock. When hung, an ideal hammock should be waist high to ensure comfort while getting in and out. If the hammock appears higher, loosen the ropes on both sides to reduce the height.