Returns Policy

The company will not take back the items once sold except in exceptional cases where the goods got totally damaged that too due to manufacturing defect or damage in transit. In that event the company will return the payment to the consignor without any compensation after the damage is assessed to be genuine.

The repayment of the damaged goods so described above will also be sent through the same within 7 days from the date of assessment.

The company is responsible for genuine grievances only and the customer is expected to exercise great caution in matters of placing orders, checking products immediately after receipt and lodging complaint within the time etc.

The company shall endeavour to give its best to the customer and try to avoid any dispute. However in the event of any genuine dispute the same shall be referred to an arbitrator to be named mutually by the company and the customer. For any adjudication the courts in the city of Chennai alone have the jurisdiction.


The company will refund full payment if the customer has paid for products that are listed on the website but which are out of stock. In these cases, the Customer Service Team will send an e-mail to the customer informing the same and get the customers consent to either refund the amount or if the customer wishes to order any other item he can purchase that. Else on obtaining his consent, the refund process will be initiated. There may be situations where a customer has ordered several products, and one or more of those products are not in stock. In such cases, the customer will be refunded the cost of products not available.

The refunds are made through the payment gateway for all products that are ordered through Credit/Debit cards. These payments are routed back through the customer 's Credit Card company, and are credited to the customer's account.