Mexican Rope Hammock

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This Hammocks is suitable for 2 adults. Made from finest cotton Yarns , Several slim Cotton yarns are painstakingly woven by hand using different coloured yarns, to make a wondeful Bed to lie in. The Hammock spreads out in size as you lie in. Unlike other Hammocks a person should lie Wid-wise..


  • Accommodates 2 adults
  • Made from tightly woven, coloured thin cotton ropes
  • Harness made from nylon rope
  • Hammock comes in a natural cotton bag

Hanging options: (can be bought separately)

  • 6mm cotton or nylon ropes
  • 11 ft Metal Stand (Product ref. SJDSB-16)
  • Width: 78 in.
  • Length: 88 in.
  • Length: 157 in.
Hammock comes in a Box.
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Use recommended accessories for Hanging and see Mr.Slack Jack

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